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The story of the enchanted Swan girl and the Prince Charming.
There once lived a wonderful swan girl, dreaming of a prince. She did not know where to find him, she did not know what he was like, but she was certain that he existed, that he was also looking for her, that they were destined to meet.
Time passed, the girl despaired more and more, in her irrepressible desire to meet love, she made a pact with the dark forces that promised her a prince in exchange for a piece of her soul's light. Soon the prince came into her life and they fell in love as only two young, ardent hearts can do. But the darkness in her soul did not give her any peace. It enveloped her, ordered her, and now she was in its power.
The prince did not understand what had happened, because not only his beloved had been plunged into darkness, but the whole world around her had been transformed - it had become dark, terrible, hostile.
The girl suddenly realized that only her inner light can heal the world. With the power of her intention, she broke the contract with the darkness. She became light. And she sparkled again - with rays of love, understanding and creation.
The prince finally regained the one he had loved with all his soul. The lovers realised who they were and what they carried into the world. Light has become their faithful companion - enveloping them, giving them peace, filling their souls with love.
Each of us is going our own way. But we are all going towards the same goal - we are searching for the light in our souls. Through life's lessons and trials, through difficulties and overcoming, we will find it.
Pieces from ballet Swan lake.

Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Creator of arrangements and composer: Miroslav Chernousov

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