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1. Changes
come after a strong desire or intention, manifesting as light, awareness, and enlightenment. Each person is the creator of their own transformations.
2. Time
creates and destroys everything! The creator who lives within the confines of time, seemingly, ultimately realizes that it is their choice to submit to time. Time is one of the instruments of creation!
3. Hope
Beauty inspires hope! Hope gives birth to faith! Faith uplifts, inspires, energizes, and guides the goals of those who have decided to be creators! Through the very best paths of the soul!
4. Patience
weaves tranquility! Patience nurtures endurance! Endurance strengthens, balances, replenishes resilience, guiding those who have chosen to be creators!
5. Choice
Out of light comes darkness, and out of darkness comes light.

6. Process
The most pleasant events in our lives yield the most beautiful results - creations!

Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff; Frédéric Chopin; Claude Debussy (arrangement); Johann Sebastian Bach (arrangement)

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